Tuesday, January 22, 2019

My lovely client and sister gardener's tattoo experience...

I recently received a client who was recommended to me by an old client of mine I have had like 15 years ago...I was smitten with her as soon as she arrived and when she told me what she wanted- photos emerging from her pack, a handful of pictures that she took herself of these lovely swallowtail butterfly's that she raised herself in her native back yard garden.  I was so inspired by her doing this, being a gardener myself.
I could tell her heart was so in this. So, I wanted to to the best job I could for her. It was her first tattoo ever, which I know takes great bravery. She was patient for me and she didn't pressure me with art reviews- my schedule rarely affords this these days.
Either way, she sat lovely and was patient with the whole process and I just really enjoyed working with this special lady.
She is a writer and teaches-
So here is a link to a sweet piece she wrote about her experience:

On Teaching, Depression, and Tattoos – Teaching with Trust

By Jen Hurley of Alameda, Ca.

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