Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Tattoo Etiquette II

I am calling this tattoo etiquette II because I do believe that I written something like this once before, somewhere in the archives...I usually decide to write about things depending on if there is a theme on the conversations in the shop during a week or two and sure enough over the past couple of weeks similar conversations have been had with different folks.
I feel so lucky and blessed, fortunate and fucking honored that so many people trust me with their bodies! It means so much to me and I am totally game! I believe with all my heart that I have been put on this planet to tattoo people. Not to mention the pressure, oh the pressure! The pressure of not fucking anyone up~ it's a lot for one to hold sometimes but again, I am game and totally up for this kinda work.
So anywho here is some suggestions to put out there when one decides they want to get a tattoo. I will do it as a list format so it is easily read.
I would like to say most of the people that come into my shop are perfect clients so this list has come up from their input too. Most of the clients that come into Valkyrie have great respect for us as artists and humans so I have to thank the supporters who do not kill us with added b.s. when it comes to designing their tattoos.
I also would like to say that their are a lot of tattoo artists out there that are dicks too. So do not put up with their shit either! They should treat customers with respect too. I can not just write this for the people that get tattooed. There is also a protocol that artists should follow too for professionalism.

1. If you like "your" artists work and trust them, don't question the process. Putting doubt in the air is bad mojo.
2. Don't use your cell phone while getting tattooed. Be present with your tattoo. Who cares about texting.
3. Honor what is about to go down- Don't take your tattoo lightly. It is a sacred act.
4. Realise the work that the artist has put into your art. It can take hours of designing BEFORE even tattooing begins.
5. So Tip! Even if it's only a little. Working artists deserve that. Especially if you received great treatment.
6. Yes, when you are getting tattooed, it should be all about you. You are the one who wanted a 'time out' from life and you deserve to be treated well from the artist. If you want to talk about yourself, by all means, do it. Sometimes we are like therapists. And that's ok.
7. It the placement doesn't seem right to you when the stencil is on, say something. It is your body. Make sure it is where you want it.
8. If an artist gives you the creeps at all,  don't work with them.
9. If you feel like an artist quotes too high for a piece- go somewhere else. Yes, price shopping is annoying and hopefully you shouldn't have to budget with your tattoo. But there are great artists out there that are really affordable.
10. Yes, tattoos are painful but if an artist seems abnormally painful (heavy handed) and it freaks you out, there are other artists that may be easier for you to get tattooed by.

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