Monday, June 24, 2013

5 years in the making

Adam tattooing Harry
We are celebrating our 5 year anniversary at the the shop now!! I can not believe this crazy dream I was so set on of opening and owning my own shop is in full bloom! Valkyrie Tattoo is the manifestation of my dream of owning a shop since 1998; the first year I started tattooing. How interesting that 10 years later I would own my shop and 5 years after that to be going on so strong, tattoo machine in one hand, baby in the other. And I am only slightly tired! I don't even think I am tired actually. I still have the same energy and driving force now as I did for Valkyrie 5 years ago. Not only do I have the best crew Valkyrie has ever held but I am deeply in gratitude for my shop mates to support me and the shop during my whole pregnancy and post partum. It's fuckin' rad is what it is.
Baby Sonja loves watching tattoos get done!
Thank you to all our die hard customers that love us and believe in our work. Thanks to the customers that bring their kids in when they turn 18 to get tattooed. Thanks to the people that refer people to us that swear by us, and would not think of going anywhere else!
We all have a had a hand in this ship rowing along and I can not thank everyone enough! I am so blessed!
When I first built the shop, I put everything on the credit card and hoped it would work out. I had no plan whatsoever, All I had was my will, which is all I ever need to get by...Yet, I think I am a good example of just following your vision and not letting fear get in the way. It is hard for people to live their lives this way...
So, anywho I am so happy to post these pics of my wonderful comrades that I am lucky enough to work side by side with at the shop. 
We have a lot going on at the shop these days. Finally after 5 years I got around to redoing the back art room area. I wanted to paint and  get a proper drawing table for so long. It really takes years to do all the things you want done for your business. And I don't slack on doing things that the business needs. I try not to anyway...Once again thank you to all of the supporters of Valkyrie!
Long live Valkyrie! May she ride on to Valhalla in Bliss with the buzzing of the tattoo machine soaring in the back ground with her horn or chalice always full!

 5 years...I'd easily go for another 5!! Blessed be

Jessie being awesome.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

The white tattoo

When people contact me about doing an all white tattoo, I have this spiel I go into about white- the pros and cons if you will. So here's the deal on white.
I first say white is normally used as highlights on a colored tattoo, it stands out more against other colors...White is different on everyone...
~white tends to turn yellow or even brownish in the skin once healed.
~it often looks like a scar. (scarification)
~it is very hard to get white to be even, you can see the breaks in the tattoo.
~doing white is actually really quite difficult. MUST go to someone that has experience in doing white.
PROS: if you want a tattoo that you can't really see or notice it may work for you.

The pictures below are not photo-shopped whatsoever, that's why I am posting two pictures so you can see it in different lighting.