Tuesday, February 22, 2011

If I could...

If I could tattoo like anyone else it would  be Filip Leu. I think his stuff is the best. I think he could tattoo anyway he wants to. He is a tattoo magician to me. Great skills that I can only hope to be like.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Hurts so good.

Lately we've been talking about pain management around the shop and throwing out ideas on how to manage the pain during the tattoo. But to be frank, It f'n hurts and the best thing to do is buck up. I used to  not tell people the tattoo would hurt but it usually does. Unless the tattoo only takes 20 minutes to do....Here is some reccomendations I always tell people for preparation.
#1. Always eat food first before!
#2. Get some rest the night before and don't be hungover. Unless you don't want your endorphins (natural pain killers) to kick in.
#3. Work on your breathing techniques and just try to enjoy the experience.

Those are some things that come in handy for getting a tattoo. Some people have said they have tried asprin or ibuprofen, but really that does'nt do anything. Some people want a numbing cream, which is silly becuase part of earning the tattoo is going through the pain. Especially if you aren't getting a sleeve. If you are getting a huge piece well then you have some complaining rights here and there.

I personally hate the idea of numbing creams for a tattoo. I am old school like that. I remember years ago this lady came into the shop and she was so worried about the pain and she told me she was a nurse and wanted to shoot herself up with lidacaine or something, and I was like ok, whatever so she did that and a few minutes later there was 3 little holes surrounding where I was tattooing her that swelled up and just interfered with my area I was working in. Needless to say I never did that ever again, nor has anyone ever asked to do that. Wierd.

The other thing is when you do get a large tattoo it is straining on your system to endure that pain even if you are relaxed so I always tell people to eat some food after a big piece, also the emergeC packets that have 1000 grams of Vitamin C are also totally awesome after you get a tattoo, or if you are like me, a nice cold beer will suffice! Ha!

All in all, If you are tough, you earn points and you are an easier subject to work on and your piece will come out cleaner and nicer!