Friday, January 22, 2016

Too long

I always feel guilty when too much time passes by without writing- as if what I am saying, conveying is uber important. I've just been doing what I do- tattoo a lot, draw, karate training, rear my child and run the shop...I recently have started quite a few new projects I can't wait to bring home.
succulents in progress on a lovely lady

Bruce Lee inspiration
 Lot's of really wonderful people coming into the shop. Some people that that make me smile the whole time working with them. They support me and give me freedom and trust my judgement. They trust me that I want to do the best for them. They believe me that I have their best interest in mind and they KNOW that I want to and will kill it for them! This is who I want to be working with.
I always say it is not what you tattoo it is who you tattoo that is important.

Vintage roses for a special soul
Besides my stuff as usual, Valkyrie is doing well, moving right along, sailing the seas of tattoo bliss. Got my main man, Harry Tucker on my side, and my sweet bird, Annelise Kinney working hard, laying down tattoos with vigor. My manager Anabel has got my back like no other and doesn't get sensitive on me when I'm ordering things about. I can't forget to mention my handsome Samster who is forever cleaning tubes...So, ya I am in a stoked flame of inspiration.
My girl, Annelise handling it!

artwork by my man, Harry Tucker

Man, while I am mentioning how great everyone is, I should take this moment to honor the now, late- Lemmy! So sad to see a metal God journey to Valhalla!
What a lame bummer! Love you Lemmy, one of my most favorite capricorns!
Officially, in winter the rains have been coming down soaking my back yard, creating a fungus frenzy. Inspiring indeed, since I have a sleeve coming up that will feature some mushroom majesty.
If time permits, I will share more in progress works that hopefully will keep the inspiration However, it may be likely I will be returning to write in the spring!...xxoxoxox