Sunday, August 10, 2014

From the heart

I often think how grateful I am that somehow it was in my soul before being brought into this world or perhaps even genetically, I was/am an artist. Creating art really is the one thing that I have,  for anything that comes up in my life. During dark times and light, I always have my art and music to get me thru- any-fucking-thing. Being a creative person is awesome because there is a therapeutic release and healing that occurs thru making art. And I get to make a living from it too!
I think one main reason for artists that are compelled to make art is that you simply have to, it's like instinct. You just do it and sometimes you don't even know why.
It is unfortunate for some humans that have a will and a want but they just sit idle and don't execute. You have this one life that is pretty short and the time to get up off your ass and do shit is NOW. 
My distraction
 Even now as a Mum, I feel more determined to have something to show for. Before her I tattooed for myself- trying to prove to myself and my peers that I CAN put on a nice tattoo. Now, I tattoo for Sonja. I have legacy now and I need to be the ultimate example for her. Odin, as if tattooing alone wasn't enough pressure!
I often say to others in my field:   
" tattooing is the MOST important thing in the world, and at the same time, tattooing is NOT the most important thing".

Some sexyness
I am in complete awe and gratitude that I get to do this every day and  that I receive so much trust from these folks I get to touch- I can only hope that my friends and family and clients get to do what they love to do and feel fulfilled by what they do and are able to have close, caring relationships in their work field as I do.

On another note, I finally received my green belt in karate. Only took me a year and half but I got it and I have the good excuse of having a baby and running a shop. One more step closer to black and weapons training!