Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Prenatal tattooing I

So, tattooing while pregnant is hard! Well, anything for that matter while growing a fetus is hard. But it has been a challenge obeying my body. The constant back pain from the combination of tattooing and the extra weight, is what really does me in, but I have managed to pull some pieces together nonetheless! Here is some things I have accomplished while simultaneously growing my precious fetus. It is nice to review these pictures and feel accomplished during the pregnancy because I had to slow down my schedule so much to accommodate my stretching body! Tattooing while pregnant is by far the hardest thing I've had to work with while being present for my clients...Everyone has been so great the whole time, my shop mates especially have been so supportive and I would not be able to do this with out their support, love and understanding...My clients have been awesome with going with my flow- the many pee breaks and stretch breaks, etc. I sympathize with all the women out there that do not get prenatal support, growing a baby takes soooo much effort and taking care of yourself is so important during this time since the baby depletes you of everything!
Trial by Combat-photo by me!
I am so proud of myself for finishing all these pieces I am posting here... At times, I was in pain with these people! I also am so proud of my crew at the shop. It takes like a tribe to help support a pregnant lady and I certainly got it from my shop mates...I will post more pictures of tattoos soon, since all these pictures are of pieces during my 8 month gestation period. I plan on taking maternity leave in a month so we shall see what I can finish up as my days get numbered before my daughter gets closer to being born!