Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Doing what I do...

After taking months off from writing  tattoo articles- The thing that seems most important to write about is something we collectively are experiencing at the shop; the demands of the clients. Ultimately, I write this to help out everyone, the clients and particularly the artists.

I have written before tips on how about getting a tattoo. They are in the archives of this blog. You may look it up to work with this segment. You then will be bound for a GREAT tattoo!
(This is great advice for beginners!)

First off, the recommended steps for getting your tattoo would be; STEP 1: KNOW WHAT YOU WANT!
Once you know what you want- you have either done online research of tattoos and art that are along the lines of what you are thinking and or you have gone into your local shops, checked them out or got a referral. Bring your reference printed out with you. Narrow it down to a few examples. Not 10. Printing them out yourself shows that you have figured it out and your not showing your artist what you want on your phone, which has a tiny screen- showing them multiple images of tattoos you like, because you couldn't put your phone down while you were waiting in line at the DMV or something. You must be clear and concise.

Once you have consulted with your artist about what you want and they are on board with working with you and your idea, the artist will ask for a deposit to do your artwork (artwork can take lots of time) Allow your artist the time it will take to do your piece- they may ask you to make a appointment anywhere from weeks to months.

It is pretty normal these days that artists have their email address on their cards now. We do a lot of PR this way now. However, this by all means DOES NOT MEAN you could or should abuse the privelage by emailing them all these questions and things about changing artwork and whatnot. A question or two is fine if you forgot to ask a question during consulting. But a problem we are having is people are sending all these images that are different then the original artwork than that was discussed before. If you do this, you will lose us. We are in the business of being positive and sure of what we are doing.
See, tattooing is a heavy responsibility.

If we get nervous since the client is being wishy-washy, then we will decide not to work with you. In which case after drawing and consulting and more email consulting, you will lose your deposit. This is why we ask for a 50. deposit because before the tattoo is even done, we have already spent lots of time on YOU!

Tattooing is a VERY personal thing. We want to talk person to person, face to face about what you are wanting tattooed on your body. We are trying to keep it old school here. If you live miles away and have to consult via email/telephone we can arrange it.

Please know that your tattoo is important to us, and if you are not supporting us in the way that we deserve, it really hurts our feelings.

Tattoo by my main man, Harry Tucker

By Jen H.V.I.C.

By Jen
 I will tattoo any subject matter in most cases, and live by a tattooing rule " if I can make it look good, do it." Spiritual, religious matter, whatever. I am usually down for it. 

I can be reached at Valkyrie Tattoo in Penngrove Ca

IG :jen_untalan