Saturday, March 29, 2014


 Here is two pieces I have done in the past few weeks that were actually drawn by~ Not me! The crow with the red halo was drawn by Marina. She is a great artist and it was refreshing doing artwork that was drawn well to start with that didn't require me to design before tattooing it for once. The other owl was also drawn by another artist~ a dear friend from Cypress' so that was really special too. All I did was add the branch to it in ordinary "Jen" fashion. I actually have been working on more birds too and hopefully in the future I will get good enough photos of them to be able to show them off.

"Life is beautiful"
I have been feeling guilty for not writing because I have been avoiding it, really...I have just been busy around the shop- same as usual but just not in the mood to write. Plenty has been happening, believe me.
I think I might be experiencing The quiet after the storm ~ I know, it is usually the other way around but up until the beginning of this month I have been painting like a mad woman at home and maintaining the usual blizzard at the shop for months and so I told myself I was going to take a break from painting. Well, I have but then I have been pretty bored. I got into some TV shows cause I thought that would force me to sit there and not do anything but as my OCD will have it, or not have it...
So, needless to say I will get back to my drawing board in hopes to create something epic.

This beautiful-body-side-piece is on the lovely Heather who so diligently came to the shop every month for the past year and half, driving from San Jose to get to me. She is a total sweat heart and was a pleasure to tattoo.  I originally did not do the lion on her ribs. I only tried to work my stuff up to it and make it blend in well enough...

Friday, March 7, 2014

Tattoos and blues convention 2014

This year we made it to the Tattoos and Blues convention. The first time I ever went there was 15 years ago- the year I started my apprenticeship and it really did have an effect on me. Good old times, gone past...
So here is some pics from the show...
We are enjoying this way too much!

Jesse, Aaron and me

Jessie and Aaron

Old buddy Aaron

My banner I painted in acrylics

Me and Jessie tag teamin' Harry, just get the show started!