Friday, November 25, 2016

Falling into winter

As the nights grow longer, darker and colder, it is time to be in doors more- which I have been doing, which means painting season! The shop does have an art show coming up in Petaluma over the next month and I have decided to play with the moon cycle idea- the phases. I will have about 5-6 paintings would be my goal and hopefully I'd sell them all! :)
More news on that later...

Everything has been cool at the shop- busy seeing clients through out the day, enjoying them to the fullest and also enjoying my lovely co-workers. I feel so lucky to be surrounded by such awesome, alive, fun-loving people! As the year winds down, I think that Valkyrie has once again moved forward and through another year- we'll be coming up on our 9 year anniversary in '17 so, I am feeling a bit sentimental, inquisitive, and prepared to do something new. Changes are vital to all existence. And I want a beautiful year of growth, abundance, love and creativity.

I have been in a pretty deep meditative state lately, working on some conjuring-
as the cauldron within, brews and bubbles, I use my skills in visioning what I would like my art path to provide for the next coming year.

I have learned over the years, the more energy and positivity into my art, I am able to manifest my true desires and the older I get, the better I am getting at this. I believe it is because when one is in 'their place of power', for me that would be me creating art, I am able to relax, let go and get in touch with my most inner being (also zen) and that is where I can release my energy to the world around me and ask for what I am wanting or needing. Hence, manifesto!

This is a very powerful thing and I think it is a very important for artisans to work on this- artists are creators from nothing really. You have to make something from scratch, from your mind- if you want something that is your emotions, your feeling, your world. There is inspiration everywhere, from outside your door to the world wide web. Being creative and tapping into that source is what can help artists heal and strengthen themselves.

Oh ya, I had my 18 year anniversary tattooing that month! Fucking Lifer!

Here is some things that were inspiration for tattoos-