Monday, March 4, 2013

Back to work!

I am finally getting back  into the shop after many long weeks of being too pregnant to tattoo weeks before labor and delivery, then having my baby Sonja to nurturing her and my healing body... I have lived vicariously through facebook to see what my peers have been up to. I  have been feeling so left out of my shop- while my shop  mates are going ape shit tattooing each other and doing some awesome pieces on new clients- the apprentice, Jessie growing so fast becoming a great little lady tattooist...I feel so prosperous, being able to leave my shop in the hands of Harry, Adam and Jessica while I go into a whole new world of Motherhood. I couldn't have done this without them.
Adam and Jessie tattooing Harry

Last picture I took before birth
Baby Sonja!
 Being pregnant and having a baby takes great strength to get through. I never have worked so hard for anything in my life- except for putting the shop together. My new endeavor is to marry the two things together now. Tattooing with a baby. I think it's going to more like raising a baby and tattooing. Not the other way... The shop turns five in two months which just adds to my high on life from all these working things- I am so fucking blessed to have what I have.
Winter oak
I have done a few tattoos upon being back at the shop, but I worked on the sleeves on the people that have been waiting so patiently for me. I can not wait to get rollin' on those pieces again. Sleeves are hard to take breaks from. So the tree is the first thing finished so far. I am hoping to catch up fast on the tattoos I will be working on this month and will try to stay on top of posting the freshness. :)