Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Back in "57

The first time I met this old timer was last summer. He wanted a fly tattooed on his leg. I think that's the first and only time I have tattooed a fly on someone. He told me that he wanted to get a lamp pole by his only tattoo that he got back in '57. He pulled up his sleeve to reveal a tattoo done by Doc Webb. I was pretty stoked! So  this winter  I added the pole 50+ years later!
This cat is awesome. Tattooing him was so cool. He told me he worked at San Quintin for 30 years as a guard and boy, did he have stories! I wish this tattoo took longer to do so I could hear him talk.
What a character!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I will write and post new pics very soon. It's been very busy tattooing and attending classes. I am taking a color theory class, because I am getting old and remembering certain techniques somehow leave my memory so I hope to be executing some new fresh ideas for color tattoos. But  I will post a short thing I wrote awhile back. It will be underneath this post. And hopefully I will get a new pic up today too!

Some people compare my job to a bartender

The same as usual at the shop these days. I have heard some good stories lately while working away. I was doing a tattoo the other day and the gal had a friend with her and they were chattin' it up while I was tattooing, they were carrying on with their conversation- I love it. This is when I am tattooing with my head down hearing tid bits of whatever drama happens in these people's lives... So anyway the tattooee's friend said " Do you remember that 21 year old I made out with at the bar  awhile back? (She was an older gal) And the chick I am tattooing is like ya, And the other chicks all, ya well he text me the other day and it said " Hey do you want to give me head tonight?" (Haha.) And the chick was like I haven't talked to that guy in months. Good thing my boyfriend didn't know I got that text.
Ah man, I hear shit like that all the time. Its pretty awesome.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Dio - Holy Diver

this is so awesome, DIO makes me want to do better tattoo's.