Thursday, April 2, 2015

We talk about humanities so much at the shop. Either between us as co-workers or with our clients. I often say that part of my job is to talk down-to-earth with people all day long.
 It often feels like I'm in a bubble in the shop- like we have created a bubble there, a safe place. We're often having conversations about why we think people are the way they are- why are we/they struggling in life, why is communication so hard? What is social media doing to us as people, public figures? It's really quiet fascinating and beautiful. I leave these conversations often feeling happy that these people are on my team and I think they have such a good head on their shoulders and then I think of admiration. I think admiration is such a huge thing for us humans. If you don't have admiration for the closest people in your life, in your circle how does that benefit you or them? I wonder, if you do not admire your loved ones, how does that help you grow as a person or how do you have successful relationships if you do not have admiration? In tattooing, if you do not admire your artist that's easy- don't get tattooed by them. If you do not admire them as a person, don't get tattooed by them either. I have a saying that I adopted from my dojo for the shop. Spirit first, technique second. In the shop it says to me that if you admire your artist as a person in a friendly caring way you will always care for that tattoo since only good "vibes" have transferred to the tattoo. If you only care what the tattoo looks like even if  your artist treats you like shit, you will have those stinky "vibes" (memory) tattooed on you forever... So, what I think is that it is important to be an honorable person today in this world of personal confusion- so we can love ourselves and each other, be strong and motivated to reach goals and be awe inspired by the beauty of this world and the humans in it...just sayin'
Here is some of my favorite humans.