Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Prenatal tattoo II

Here's a coverup I am working on, 

Well, I am still truckin' along with baby in my belly. This will be the final week of tattooing for me, I physically can not do it anymore. I just can't reach body parts anymore, I  am like a T-rex, big belly no arms. I have had a lot of fun though, my clients have been great about being tattooed by a pregnant lady and they have participated well. It has been nice hearing their birth stories and details on their pregnancy experiences. It is funny cause I have talked about many different subjects with my clients during tattoo time, but my pregnancy has lead conversations in areas I never thought would be of subject while tattooing...

This will be interesting for me taking a break from tattooing for as long as I will be for baby. I have never taken more than a couple weeks off of tattooing in my career and I think it will be great. I am really excited to see how managing a business, my artistry and rearing a child will be for me. I always love a good challenge!