Tuesday, December 30, 2014

More coverups!

Here is another round of coverups that I recently have done. I definetly do my share of covering up existing work that is either old, poorly executed and plain old unwanted.
I have heard many reasons why...
I usually don't ask questions.
First up is my friend Bob that I met in high school. He is a cool dude that has been getting tattoos from me for awhile now.  I thought his black bird makes for a strong sternum piece opposed to that dated chrome sun!


 Here is a big special one that deserves it's own blog but I am doing a bundle here, since time is fleeting for me. This sweet gal had some serious surgery- a tummy tuck. They removed her belly button and made a new one. She had intense scarring from hip to hip.And since I am crazy enough to take on this project-  this is what we turned it into! She sat like a champion too.

And lastly here is Christina's change up. This one is awesome cause I did the original paw print with wings and we both agreed it lacks the awesomeness that her new roses have now!