Tuesday, January 22, 2019


It is always good to do a refresher on the ol' aftercare treatment or if you are new to getting a tattoo, it's good to get the run through in the first place.
Some people have 'heard" many ways to take care of their tattoo- lot's a different ointments and lotions...
It is best to listen and do what your artists recommends~~~
I actually say often "less is more"
and I say, if you ignored it and did nothing, it will probably heal best too.
That is because when people get a new tattoo, they won't stop touching it! And people tend to put too much stuff on it! Suffocating the poor, beautiful new piece of art.
So, just leave it alone!

Here is the quick basics-
Take the bandage off after the instructed time- I say a few hours is suffice usually, unless you were a bloody mess = longer time.
Once bandage wrap is off, rinse it with water.
Water once in a 24 hour period or once or twice a day is good.
WAIT about 2-3 days before putting stuff on it-
These days people like Aquaphor or if you make an awesome all natural product like I do for the shop- (it is pure shea butter and coconut oil, not petroleum)
And people like plain, fragrant free moisturizer like Aveeno, Cural brands)
The trick is to not over do this!
In most cases, putting the ointment/lotion on it once per day is good too. Just enough to help a little with the itch and help smooth out the dryness.

 Healed work over a year old on Spencer. Black always heals easier in most cases.
 Here is some roses on Mia, that is about 4 days old from when we did it. No redness or irritation.
 Here is the balm we make. Very calming!

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