Thursday, April 22, 2010

Burning a lot of sage...

It has been getting really busy around the shop lately, and since I have been sick I have not been able to tattoo in 5 days, which is Hell to me, but it is what it is...
There has been a lot of new people coming into the shop that are lookin' to get some work done and my cold has been bogging me down, so I thought I would burn a new kind of sage to see if that will lift my spirits. It is sage and red sandalwood mixed together. It should create a nice vibe in here...
I have some new things I would like to post, but since I have been so busy and I feel like I have been rushing on my last couple of blogs- this one might take more time to get out there. I want to share with you some drawings I have been working on for a gal, that I think will make a great tattoo...This is the first sketch. I usually do 3-4 more before I am satisfied with the sketch. So I am sharing with you, the very first run. This is a pheonix that is going on the left side of the body. It will go from under the breast, to the hip and onto the top of the thigh area. This is a very big piece and will take many hours to complete. I will post another drawing of the pheonix once it is complete.
I am off to burn more sage!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thou shall not commit adulthood.

So, ever since the Jesse James/Sandra Bullock cheating drama has happened, it has sparked some gossip. Weeks ago when it first happened, some people asked me what I thought, since tattoos were involved. I thought about writing about this for fun awhile ago, but I have been very busy at the shop, and after my tattoo I did today, I decided to write a bit on it.
So, this is what I think...
First off Sandy and Jesse are idiots. I'm sure Sandy is a sweetheart, but she should know better. um...hello? Jesse is a chopper/car builder, tattooed and his ex-wife was a pornstar! Red flag(s) like all over the place. Jesse is an idiot because he will never score a woman like Sandra again. What a douche.
Ok, now we get to talk about the chick he cheated on Sandra with. That porn star looking tattooed model Michelle. She's a tard too. When people get caught cheating, one always says "I thought he/she was divorced" ya, right...So, I saw some pics of her cause I had extra time on my hands and wanted to indulge in some celeb gossip, and came upon her photos. Her face is tattooed, which I think looks pretty bad and her tattoos don't scream personality to me. I did not spend too much time looking at them, but it looks like M & JJ would make a lovely dis- functional couple. I am sorry Sandy, but you are out.

So, here is my tattoo of the day. It is lettering that we put in between some other tattoos. There is a bigger picture on facebook that you can check out.
I will be blogging more soon, but am in the middle of a brand new website that will be unveiled soon, so my blog will be moving there!
and remember, don't be a cheater!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Money Money Money

Good Tattoos aren't cheap
and cheap tattoo's aren't good
~Sailor Jerry

Hey everyone, I wanted to write a little bit about money-when it comes to tattooing. I don't want to go off on this one, so I would like keep it sweet and simple.
First off every artist and shop is different so prices will vary. Most shops have a minimum price for tattoo's and most shop have an hourly rate- which doesn't mean much. When people call the shop and ask for the hourly rate it doesn't mean much, because it actually comes down to what you want to do. It is also discouraging when bargain hunters come through the door, people even call the shop bargain hunting. I recommend going into the shop, talking to someone about what you want to do and getting an estimate from there.
Everyone handles getting a tattoo differently, and sometimes during the tattoo process things can go quicker or longer than expected, so it is nice for us artists to have some room there. So it wont be uncommon to get a quote that is in the range of say, a couple hundred dollars.
For people that are heavily tattooed, they are usually experienced in this matter, and can go through the tattoo process and not even have a budget. That's always nice, because for us artists, it's always nice to draw something without a budget in mind. It's nice to work on a piece, take your time, and give them the price in the end. That gives the artist a lot of freedom. Shops for the longest time used to be a cash only business, but now plenty of shops are equipped with credit card machines, which is great for expanding budgets on tattoos that need be.
When it comes to starting a multiple sitting tattoo like a half sleeve or full sleeve, a certain amount a preparation goes into this. Yes, you will pay a lot for it. But If you plan on coming in every 2-3 weeks or even once a month, it could be set up to where you don't break the bank. What I want from my clients is consistency. If I work on back piece once a month for a couple hours, I can still get the piece done in a reasonable amount of time, and it keeps the flow going on the piece. Momentum is nice on a piece!
and yes, you should probably tip.
if you answer yes to all of these questions, then by all means tip your tattooer!
do you tip you bartender?
do you tip your hair stylist?
do you tip your waitress?
Now, if your tattoo session came to $400. or $500.
I don't think it's necessary to tip 20% if you can not
afford it, Do what you can if you are so happy with the service
and you know that they took a lot of time on your piece.
so much for sweet and simple!
until next time!