Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My bread and butter

Valkyrie at night

Friday, February 24, 2012

Tattoo match maker

Spring is on it's way!
        It definitely has been picking up at the shop, and since I am down a man- Adam is in Brazil tattooing I have had to pick up some slack and Harry has been out too! I am busy tending to my own people, and fielding the new clients that have been coming in. When people come in looking for something specific, I know who they should go to. We are well rounded at this shop offering up a variety of approach's to techniques, but I think I am very intuitive when it comes to matching up tattooee with tattooer.
You can always tell when this goes wrong on peoples tattoos. A man came in earlier today that got a tattoo at a tattoo convention, needless to say his tattoo went South. It needs major correction. He said that he and his artist didn't communicate properly and now has a busted tattoo. Maybe that is what happened, miscommunication. It happens.
Yet, you need to make sure what you want is what the artist can do naturally. Don't ask for a color piece from a black and grey guy and vice versa! Don't be hasty people! There is actually a tattoo convention going on this weekend right around here. Hopefully not too many people make this mistake.