Friday, September 23, 2011

Five rules for tattooed people

Can't have this month go by without writing...
So, I want to write a short but sweet and hopefully funny piece on tattoo etiquette. I could write a book on this matter, and I have journals upon it...Maybe one day when I am not consumed by drawing and tattooing.
If you follow this blog I have written before on this subject but to keep it fresh here it goes again and forgive me because I have had a long week already and it is only Thursday evening, so basically I hope not to come off as a rant. This is sorta a addendum to my tips on getting tattoos blog. But I am going to set it up like a rules list, kinda like the one that guy had on Zombie land. Man, that movie had such an awesome intro.

Rule #1 Like Mom used to say if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all. This would apply to if you see a tattoo you think is ugly, don't say it. It's rude and it can make someone hate their piece. In most cases loved ones will tell their spouse they don't like their others' tattoo and it is obnoxious for obvious reasons.  If you need explanations why this is, send my an email I will wrap it real nicely for you. Which brings me to Rule #2 When you bring your spouse to the shop with you for support, it is best if they are quite in the back ground and YOU are the one who decides where the tattoo is going etc....
 Now I would like to discuss tattoos out on public display. When I am out and about I cover my tattoos so I don't have to engage, since it seems these days that tattoos are a major conversation starter. Everyone is so wrapped up in "what's the meaning behind that tattoo?" Well, there is none, I just thought it would look cool. That's why everyone used to get tattoos, now there has to be this deep meaning behind it.  Thank you LA Ink! My point is Rule #3 Not everyone wants to be asked in line at the grocery store-to be put on the spot while ten people are waiting behind you dying to be checked out.  Rule #4 Don't ever reach out and touch someones tattoo ( personal space people!) And certainly don't ever touch a lady's tattoo when her man is standing by cause you will probably get punched. Don't even overly stare at a lady with tattoo's cause it's just creepy and "oh, I am just checkin' out your tat's" is a stupid excuse! Let's just go to RULE #5 If you are anybody staring at anyone, just don't do it at all, it's rude. So, basically a lot of these rules are just plan common sense, but most humans need to brush up on their manners anyway!
I will be adding to this list in the future for sure, so let's just focus on the first five and then we will build from there.