Monday, March 16, 2015

Media- influence and inspiration.

I like to check out what's happening on Pinterest...I often use Google images, interest and instagram for visual aids.
There is a lot of people that bring in pictures from Pinterest for reference for their tattoo design. Mostly women that is.  I like to surf Pinterest and I have quiet a few boards going, myself. But I have to say that I see a theme. For example a lot of the 'pin-uppy' pics of girl/models all look the same to me. And the tattoos that they choose, I have seen a hundred times. All the girls on there look like Kat Von D. I know she has a lot of influence over how girls get tattoos in the early 2000's...It just seems to me like originality is lacking.
Maybe it is me and my shop but it is nice that people are not asking for the same old thing over and over.
So, I think what I am recommending is to only use certain media as reference- like pinterest and google image- use it only as a rough idea and push the idea farther so it is not the same 'ole.
A big purpose back in the day for collecting tattoos was to stand out from all others- have some individualization.
Now, to blend in with the crowd- get a tattoo?

As your personal tattoo adviser- trust me if I want to go the extra mile and draw you something different then your print out from the internet, let me do it. :)

Friday, March 6, 2015

Feb 2015

Dang, I just realised I didn't write last month. So, here it goes. I've had a lot going on at the shop as usual. Multi-tasking up a storm. Trying to be the parent of the year to my fearless, thrill-seeking 2 year old. Managing the shop; business end-putting out mild fires. Phone line was dead for two days which sucked. Lots of bills to pay. Have I ever mentioned how expensive it is to run a shop? Overhead is super high. People think keeping a shop open and running is easy. It's a real challenge in itself maintaining the business, doing everything by the books. All the licensing... Blah, I will spare you...And then I have to do all this drawing, before tattooing... That takes diligence too. Anyway enough  with the ramble. Sharing my creativity and inspiration is far more important than the behind the scenes stuff.

I love the act of tattooing. That seems to be where I am at peace...

 In February I drew out three new flash sheets in sharpie markers. I have found that it has been easy that way so I don't have to set up all my paints and then worry about the little one getting into it. Nap times are the best time for me to do any extra-for- fun drawing done...
I also had a birthday this month~ turned 35 so in honor of me aging, I had a photo shoot with the lovely and talented Kearston Petra Leder of Petaluma. I froliced in the wilderness, skyclad and found some trees to lounge on. 
Then towards the end of the month we had Tattoos and Blues, a convention that's been going on for 24 years in Santa Rosa. I was busy tattooing daggers and such on people.
Done at the convention

Photo credit: Kearston Leder