Monday, August 19, 2013


It has been so long since I haven't written, unfortunately.Yet I have been so busy with a full life of raising baby Sonja and being the Matriarch at the shop too. Business dealings never end here. Besides tattooing, as the owner and manager I have to keep an eye on inventory, make orders, clean around the shop... PR work- websites, emails, call backs, paperwork for the various company's we use to keep the Valkyrie armada rolling, just to name off a few things...Running a business is no joke. It's kinda hard even once you get used to all it entails- it takes a ton of energy. Throw a baby in that mix and I am at full capacity.
With all this stuff that keeps me on my toes I am able to produce some small things even on the side.
Here is some new tattoo pics and other delights.

This abstract sketch painting I call the water bearer
for Aquarius. It is for my daughters room. The water
spewing from her mouth represents speaking her
truth and wisdom hopefully to never hold back her
voice.  This painting is a quickie since Sonja only let me do it in 3 ten minute incriments. She's the boss so this is it.

This pentagram is actually the first thing I painted after Sonja. It is for my Boyfriend who enjoys a
little Satanism every once in a while.
And just so you know what I'm up against, here is baby Sonja!