Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The sketch process- behind the scenes of the design

All tattoos start with the sketching process.
In my case they are very crude. My sketches are messy and rough.
I mean this in a good way. As an artist, I am critical of my art and to compare my sketches
to others- well, I have seen some very awesome, perfect, clean, killer sketches and sometimes mine are that.
But humbly, my sketches for the most part are really really, well, sketchy. Super not tidy.
I like sketching rough and messy, it gives my hand and wrist freedom to literally move fast and in different ways that tattooing does not allow. Tattooing frankly, kills the wrist after awhile. Especially if your lining all day long.
So, my sketches these days go down with a sharpie pen. They will smear and smudge and be juicy and leave a mess on the tracing paper. But it feels good to me.
When I show my clients the sketch- I say, bear with me, this is rough but I wanted to get the idea of what we are thinking...I always explain what is what and the way the placement will work out- possibly anyway...The real test is once it's on the skin.
Since my customers have been with me a long time, they are such good sports about going through with the "bones" of the design and allow me to work away and create the tattoo, sometimes with the end result look, not even developed but we make it happen.
This is my favorite. I love testing peoples openness to going through with the tattoo-
See, this is the thing- no one knows what the piece will look like til it is done. I can predict and offer up what it may look like but you just don't know til it is done. You must go through the process.
I know, I know, ya'll are so nervous and anxious when you come in, as you really do that to yourself.
If you are not up for what it may or may not turn out like...perhaps you shouldn't subject yourself to the unknowing in the first place.
You must be brave and surrender. Allow your artist to be the artist self that they are to create the best piece for YOU. Your piece is of the best interest and it will be awesome if you let it.
I hear ideas all day from people, I get these pictures in my mind- I see these awesome pieces, that were inspired by what you dreamed up to commemorate whatever it is that is dear to you.
I think getting past the first step of the nerves when looking at a sketch and being supportive to your artist and not a nit-picky-boss about it, your artist will really shine for you!
Hope this helps!
Here is a piece that is one session in, so we will have another on it for sure. 

All tattoos start from some where- All artists map things out differently and I still think my method is really rough considering. So I am super appreciative of all the clients that are supportive and are always down to go with my process and TRUST me. (praying hands emoji here)