Friday, June 24, 2011

          Quite a few blogs happening this month...Perhaps I have a lot on my mind or something, or maybe June is an active month this time around...It is Friday night, I have had some beers and there is a nice tempting country band happening across the street, but I am gonna pass on that since I have already had a guilty pleasure tonight- a lot of beer. And besides I think I have had enough of people. What I mean by that is at the shop we have had quite a bit of flake outs. I personally have had a nasty patch of people not showing to their appointments which I find utterly annoying. And I was hoping it would not be contagious to the guys here, but oh my, I am afraid to say- maybe it has! Oh, Goddess forbid! Ya, I speculate people are price haggling to go for a cheap tattoo, but you remember that saying from Sailor Jerry- cheap tattoos aren't good and good tattoos aren't cheap? If not refer to the blog I wrote about that, it is in the archives. Now remember I absolutely love this business of tattooing, I live for it, but once again on behalf of all the tattooers out there, some of the annoying occurrences IE: flaking, people not knowing what they really want, price haggling, etc, totally lame! FYI.
I am going to leave it at that for now. I think my cats need to be fed or something, or I need or wash my hair. No but seriously, I am going to hear that band outside the window like I am window shopping and let it take my worries away about people not taking us seriously. We are standing by to do Epic Tattoos, by the Goddess' will!

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