Monday, March 14, 2011

Q & A

Usually when I am tattooing I am concentrating and people ask me questions that I can't always answer  or think of the answer since I am elbos deep in a tattoo. I am asked the same questions often, and here they are:
      ~How long have you been tattooing for? Since 1998. But sometimes I say; It's my first day.
      ~Whats the strangest thing you have ever tattooed? Well, there is quite a few of those. I tattooed a monk levitating on his penis before. Among some other strange things I have long forgotten.
      ~Where is the strangest place you have ever tattooed, like on a body? I have tattooed everywhere on the human body at this point. I have tattooed a head, a foot, bottom of the foot, hands, fingers, inside of lips, inside of ear.
      ~Why would anyone get tattooed in such odd places? I really don't know why. People are wierd.
      ~Has anyone ever passed out? Yes! It happens from time to time. You get good at knowing when people are light headed.
      ~ Will it hurt? Hell yes it will hurt, unless it is on your arm for 20 minutes, and if it hurts you, you are a wussy.( See the post: Hurts so good, It's on pain management )
      ~Will my tattoo fade? Yes, it does naturally over time. You have living ink your skin, that ages as you do so your tattoo will as well!
      ~Is there anything you wont tattoo? Yep, it depends on the situation with the person and it depends on the imagery.
      ~Does tattooing hurt your back or eyes? Yes, it certainly does. I pretty much have chronic neck and back issues. I see a massage therapist and go to acupuncture on a regular basis.
      ~Who does your tattoos? I am lucky to be in the business. I have me friends and co.workers do them for me. I am very lucky. 
      ~ Are you covered? Yes, I totally am. I have room left on my shins. And yes, that will be covered sometime soon too.
     And here is some other questions asked, but are rare ones.
     ~ Do you get bored while tattooing? No way.
     ~ How many tattoos do you have? I always say I am just tattooed at this point. I don't count them.
     ~ Have you ever tattooed someone drunk before? Ya, and it's totally annoying.
     ~Do people ever cry? Ya, very rare though.
     ~Do people ever fall asleep? Yes, sometimes when they are laying down and getting tattooed. They get very relaxed,so it is possible to sleep.

      I am sure there are more, but these seem to be the usual questions asked. And I always answer with the same thing...  Enjoy!

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