Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Sometimes people ask me about the location Penngrove. And I absolutely love Penngrove. Sometimes I am amazed at the fortune I have here- never before have I tattooed or lived in the country like this. The shop is bordered by pastures. There is cows and sheep and horses a stones throw from the shop, not to mention chickens too. Less than a block away there is a flock of turkey vultures that roost in the redwood trees, that I love to watch in the morning as they dry  their wings out in that Heraldic pose. There is  a ton of hawks that are always circling over head.
This is the only spot I have ever tattooed at where my customers bring me fresh eggs from their chickens, or I get  fresh produce- lemons, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers...I am almost getting used to it.
The history on Penngrove is that it as an old farm town. It is at the foot of the Sonoma Mountains and it was a freight train station back in the late 1800's early 1900's. The train station was the North western pacific railroad. Penngrove was the center of egg and chicken farming back then. Not so much anymore, but it is still a total little farm town. The population of Penngrove now is 3,764. Slowly but surely getting more populated as the years go by. I found this old picture I wanted to post. It is not a very good picture but it is the only one I found. If I find more, I will post it.

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