Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Art therapy

Some clients/friends call and tell me, they need to get tattooed asap. They say that they need the therapy. Meaning, ( I think) that they enjoy their new piece, it makes them happy, but I think the "therapy" part is because during the tattoo process, most of the conversations between the client and me, end up getting pretty deep. Relationships, family, health, money, etc. most always come up. A lot of relationship/break-up/divorce stuff comes up a lot! They will tell me about their hardships with it, and I listen, but sometimes, I can't help but put my 2 cents in. I have heard it all before many times, and I do have some in put by now... some recommendations for people and their situations...It just depends on how I read it and if I think they are open to it.

There is a certain amount of sharing too. I get emotionally invested with my clients sometimes. Some clients come in every 2-3 weeks for a year or many years at time. We get to know each other after awhile... I too, share with my clients some of my personal endeavors as well. I am pretty much an open book here. During the tattoo process, I believe we are in sacred space. Veils come down. There is a certain amount of vulnerability. But for me and my ever growing opinions, (I think it's just me getting older) I can't help but relate on some levels with them, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Some of the stories I hear are outrageous, but being in the field of tattooing, I have ran with a wacky crowd at times so nothing surprises me. I can divy out my share of craziness. That is all in the past, of course since I am pretty grounded at this point. I only fly when the Valkyries call! or when I drink to much of my man's home brew.

Anywho, I think people that let their guard down when they get tattooed is a special thing, and I always keep the confidentiality, unless you have such a great story, you might find my writing about it. Sometimes if you are lucky, I will offer you a tarot card reading that might aid in your transformation. Otherwise you can offer me money and I would be happy to read your cards. I am an amateur at it, but It's fun. There is no shortage of witchiness, here at Valkyrie.

I really do think there is a lot to get out of your tattoo session. It's not just an awesome piece of art you will wear till your grave. There is something much deeper happening. I think being in pain is good for people sometimes. It is humbling. It gets you thinking about what really matters. And it is funny to be in pain sometimes. I always tell people not to laugh when they get tattooed and they always ask why would I laugh? Duh, its funny when you are in pain that you subjected yourself to and there is nothing you can do about it.

I think that there is a lot of release you can get through the tattoo process. Either way I enjoy working with people and hearing their stories. I don't mind having light or heavy conversations while tattooing. And once we are done, I won't think you are crazy.

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