Wednesday, October 30, 2013

15 years this month!

Sphinx art by Jessie
Awe man, I am getting older. Feels fine to me. Weird, but something I gotta get used to. Especially now that I have a wee lass to keep me on my toes ever more and makin' that clock run faster, so it seems.
I have been in a reminiscent mode since this month I am celebrating my 15 year anniversary in tattooing! Yep,  15 years! I go back to the first year I did my first few tattoos and I think I am so glad I stuck with it, endured all that I have and I am where I am now. I couldn't be more pleased with how things are in my life and I feel more empowered than ever. Thank you Freya! I have a killer crew at the shop and awesome man that stands by my side and a beautiful daughter that I can't wait to involve more in art-even though every time I paint she is right there on the floor playing while I paint.
At the same time I celebrate 15 years, Jessie at the shop celebrates a 1 year victory of tattooing solid at the shop and is doing really good. I mean really good. At 1 year for me I was no where near where she is.  It is really cool to see her progress. And we all have so much hope for her future. We know we will be proud of her with whatever she does. She has become my tattoo sister-daughter.

So, in honor of my 15 years in tattooing I have gotten a tattoo by Jessie- a Sphinx and in her claws I have roman numerals "15". I am really excited about this tattoo. It's an important one for me. I am also excited to get more tattoos. I have space left on the front of my legs and I look forward to seeing some new completed works. I get so inspired by fresh work!
Jessie tattooing the ol' thigh

photo by Kearsten Leder

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