Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Current shop news!

tattoos are fun
Jessie, the apprentice
                It has been way too long to announce all the exciting new things we have going on at the shop right now. I have been completely delayed on a lot of shop happenings. But still I manage to take care of tasks at hand that are due! Sometimes I am proud of myself. So the first exciting announcement I want to say is that we have our fun, young hearted, lovely Jessica here who is in the midst of a full on tattoo apprenticeship! A Valkyrie first. She has been progressing along nicely, lending a much needed hand in keeping the ship rowing along. She will be tattooing next month and we can't wait to see the tattoo chastity belt be off! This is very exciting for Valkyrie tattoo to have a first apprentice at the shop that we all are raising. As we focus attention on Jessie making her way through tattooing I also have been working on my greatest project ever; growing a fetus in my womb! It has been quite a journey being pregnant and running the shop and I have needed all hands on deck. It has been quite the challenge maintaining all these things and thank Goddess, the wanting-to-puke on everything I have tattooed has passed. Now I am working on trying to reach the body part I am tattooing comfortably on people. That's a new challenge in  tattooing I am not used to. Although I am winded easily, we have jokes around the shop that the baby is going to come out tattooed and that she'll only be able to sleep unless there is a tattoo machine running. Tattoo machine white noise, now that's an idea!
Harry's tattoo by Adam
              The  guys also have been crankin' out their own goodness and Adam the cerbralist-viking-wizard has been quite the work horse tattooing all kinds of gals from the SSU, doing a lot of lettering and also starting some really big in depth pieces like sleeves. All totally badass stuff. He actually started a really cool piece on Harry. I will add a pic... Talkin' about Harry, now he also has been a work horse, tattooing a family of six the other night and staying at the shop til ten at night. This is pretty much how we've been runnin' at the shop lately and we are full speed ahead as we merge into Autumn.

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