Thursday, December 29, 2011

a HEAP of 1000 drawings!

Maybe it is the new year that's coming on, but I am feeling sentimental!
Every once in awhile I go through my sketch file- which consists of a envelope about the size of 24" by 36".
I tend to dive into it about once a year, clean out the garbage, sift through the sketches that didn't make it as a tattoo, wish they were a tattoo...I started collecting the drawings in 2005 they are pretty much my keepers- drawings that I can still learn from. I have such an abundance I am thinking about turning them into a book. This idea dawned on me when a customer asked me what I did with all the drawings- I told her they just get shoved in a folder to collect dust and mold and their fate is basically to get wrinkly.
some wierd ones from 07

my pile
Perhaps their future is to finally be put on the skin and be brought into day light!

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