Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I have been having a pretty good time the past few weeks doing tattoos on some really cool people. I have a drawing here to share that I tattooed on this guy who is/was a guitarist for a pretty well know band actually. I often get to tattoo people that are in bands or are transitioning and need to be placed in a band.  I want to link people up sometimes because I believe in the need to create and creating needs to be supported! We MUST support our bands and when they are local, I totally believe in supporting that too. Ok so anyway I came up with this design- he wanted a treble clef but after talking with him I drew this ornate one with the creatures in it. It seemed to fit his personality. I will post the tattoo when I get a good healed pic of it.
I tattooed another musician who is quite talented who also needs to get another band together. I did a wonderful Norse image, It is a outline but I think it works quite well as a line drawing. I love talking with musicians about music and band dynamics! I never have played an instrument before I am sure I would suck at it, but I am so into bands! I think it would be fun to be a band therapist like Dr. Twinkletits.
When I was in high school I actually took a music appreciation class on classical music of course. My favs are Mozart, Chopin, Wagner and Beethoven just to name a few.

And lastly my niece gave me a tattoo on my hand yesterday, here it is:
I especially enjoy the blood drops from the arrow part. My niece is a good little artist.

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