Friday, July 15, 2011

Freya, revered Goddess of the Vanir

Here is a new painting I just completed. It is my favorite Goddess of all, Freya. She is the Queen of the Valkyries. She taught witchcraft to the women, and had a cloak that would make her invincible. This is just some of her many talents she possessed. Needless to say she is the Woman! So, My idea was to do like an old beat up photograph, like a picture a viking would keep in his possession, to look at after battle or before bed to keep his spirit alive.

Like many of my paintings it is for sale. Is someone wants it, come get it. I am now showing it at our art show that is currently on display at the shop. We have some other works on display from the other people that work here and are a part of the shop.
I say this often, but any amount of payment for a piece of art usually does not even come close to the amount of work that was put into a painting. Haggling for art is so lame. It is an insult to the artist. I could just go and on about this... It has been a long time since I have sold a painting. When I lived in San Francisco I sold a lot of artwork. Probably every other month I sold a piece. There was a great venue there for paintings. I miss that. I even got commissions there. I think I am so busy with managing my shop and staying on top of business matters it cuts into my painting time, but sometimes I get my butt in gear and can bust out three new pieces in two weeks.

So, here is the Freya piece, I put my heart into.
Thank you Freya for being by my side and blessing me with prosperity!

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