Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Not too much went on today for me. I got up this morning, kinda tired, so I decided to wear the same pants to work as I did yesterday, figuring no one would notice. When I got to the shop, I wanted to burn sage in the place, since I like to do that often. It clears out the evil yucky spirits. I took it outside and stood in it for a minute hoping to cleanse myself from vampires, and when I turned the door knob to get in, it was locked! So 30 minutes later I finally got back in. Just in time to prepare for my appointment. I tattooed on my good friend client Joe for a few hours today and we talked about some interesting things...It inspired me for my next blog for tomorrow. So, I will be writing about money tomorrow. I am too tired to do it tonight, so please read the blog tomorrow night.

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