Saturday, January 13, 2018

New stuff

Well, I have thought about my blog the past year and a while back, I kinda thought I gave up on it and since I post on Instagram from time to time, and I have no idea who really reads this anyway, I was like, fuck it. But then an old friend came in recently and said I read your blog, and I thought to myself, I shouldn't give up on.
It has been 11 months since I have written on here, and quiet a lot has changed really...Some really wonderful things goin' down 'round the shop.
I am really lucky to work with such rad, fellow artists here at the shop- my brother Harry, has been with me from the start of Valkyrie- the past almost 10 years. He is such a incredible, energetic, strong person and now I am lucky again to work with John Kulikoff. He worked at the shop the first year  I opened Valkyrie and now that he moved back to Sonoma County, he is back at Valkyrie- what a cool, full circle happening! Also, I can not forget to mention my sweet, loyal assistant Toni Stirling, who is always up for whatever weird creative-project- ideas- I get on whims-
I just feel so honored to work with such wonderful artists at this shop. It has been a wild and fulfilling ride! I just want to have this armada rolling--- still!!!
My mind set is completely different than what it was from the start- In the beginning when I created Valkyrie it was from this vision I had- I wanted a place that was solid and grounded where I can practice my craft and be hospitable to my clients and be a viking! Can't forget that.
But back then, I put in so many hours and worked really really hard, like every day to keep the doors open, to make my dream happen, but it all changed when my daughter came along. Being a mum required more energy and strength and marrying that with tattooing and running the shop was a juggling act. I realized the conservation of energy and body was priority. I have re configured things a bit and my mind set is this now- with great focus and a steady mind- steady streams of thought that my vision will continue no matter what and if I just stay calm then it all will flow to me as it should and I do not have to try so hard or work so hard- I am in the seat of allowing and if I am here, then the clients will flow here and I do not need to 'effort' in getting them here.
This mind set has freed up many things for me, I am in a state of- I am here to relax and see what the tide brings in and I am willing to be of service to those that want to work with me...After all this time, I still love doing what I do and almost 20 years in this trade, It is a relief to finally know that it is easier not hard, if this is what I allow...
I think getting your ass kicked in this trade is a rite of passage, comes with the territory kinda thing, but Fuck, I am so grateful that my vision of Valkyrie has came through for me in this way...





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