Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Crazy amounts of lettering

Shakespeare Sonnet
 So when she first came to me and wanted this lettering, she handed me this typed up, so it was about two paragraphs long. She wanted it on her arm or ribs, but after I looked at the length of words, I knew that was going to be impossible. I told her that lettering has to be a certain size or else it just bleeds together and becomes illegible. I worked on it and the typed up version became a foot and half long with a foot or so in span across. It was so much bigger than what she thought it would, but this is the only way to make this amount of lettering work. I also told her I thought the only place it would work would be on her back, since it is the flattest, workable space on the body. Lettering on the ribs is really hard, it curves and keeping it on a straight line is so impossible. That goes with pretty much everywhere else on the body too. The body is an organic shape and to have something perfectly straight and type set can look really rigid on a body...This was also her first tattoo, and I think after our consulting we really agreed upon the outcome of this piece. It sucks to do lettering small, and sometimes I have to because the clients insists. Another thing about this piece is there is a liability for typos! It was so hard for me to get into a flow on the piece because I spell checked it a hundred times, and then while I was tattooing it I kept spell checking cause I was so afraid to misspell something. Anyway this tattoo was very hard for me to do. It took three sittings total to complete and we are talking about adding to it. This piece really made my wrist cramp up and I don't think I would take on another piece like that in the future. I don't want anyone getting ideas that this kind of piece just flows from me effortlessly! :)

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